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Sou a: Inici / Beta / 23a Edició - Master in Shipping Business

23a Edició - Master in Shipping Business

LLOC: Facultat de Nàutica de Barcelona
23a Edició - Master in Shipping Business

Why this programme?

Since its beginnings, shipping has been a global means of transport and one of the enginesof global economic development, as 90% of the goods that are moved and traded around the world do so by sea, in addition to many of the raw and manufactured materials which can only be carried easily in this manner.

The shipping business is very important as a sector generating employment. This is due to the various areas involved - foreign trade, imports, insurance companies, brokers and customs agents, law firms, the logistics industry, shipping companies and ports, which is represented most strongly in shipping.

Spain, with its 7,880 kilometres of coastline, strategic geographical position and its status as a gateway to the EU, should enhance its maritime activity. To do so, it requires excellent professionals and managers with a strongly international vocation. This master's degree aims to be a unique and exclusive product, and a benchmark for all professionals wanting to further their career in the fields of maritime business and law and port management. To achieve this, the course includes the participation of prestigious professionals from the maritime sector who will pass on their experiences to the students, leading schools in this field (the European School of Short Sea Shipping), technical visits to companies and institutions and a study trip to London, the world headquarters of the shipping business. The quality of the programme's content, the excellence of the teaching staff and the complementary activities will enable participants to have direct and privileged contact with the real situation in the sector.



To provide participants with a legal specialization in the area of maritime law, complemented by training on the shipping and port business for professionals working within the shipping sector or wishing to start doing so.


Who is it for?

The programme is aimed at professionals with over 5 years of experience in the port-maritime sector who wish to enhance their professional profile.

The master's degree is also aimed at graduates and final year students in various areas:

- Shipping / Marine / Port: Naval Engineers, Naval Technical Engineers. Graduates in Shipping and Maritime Transport Nautical and in Naval Machinery. Holders of a degree in Maritime Navigation and Naval Machinery.

- Law and Economics: Graduates in Law, Business Administration and Management, Economics, Business, etc.

- Engineering or technical/scientific degrees: Civil Engineesr. Engineers in other specialist fields.