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STM Connect and Share


Help improve maritime safety, let's integrate in Oslo and
the goal of 300 ships will be reached.
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Receives first SMART4SEA Innovation Award 

STM Wins Innovation Award

Sea Traffic Management (STM) was the number one popular choice when the SMART4SEA Innovation Award was presented on 31 January in Athens. The industry believes in the benefit coming from improved services in a digitised and standardised maritime world. This was reflected in the vote for STM. 

Congratulations everyone involved in the STM Project!


New ECDIS supplier

Furuno Onboard the “STM Ship”

A second procurement has now been finalised and we welcome Furuno onboard the STM ship. Furuno will provide 43 ships with Sea Traffic Management-compatible onboard systems.

Together with systems from Transas, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics, Adveto and systems in the Winter- and SAR- testbed, the STM Validation project has reached its goal of 300 ships.

Let's integrate!

STM Integration Workshop in Oslo


The STM Validation Project is about to reach an important milestone through the technical integration of maritime information services.

A technical integration workshop and developer forum will be held in Oslo to bring together developers, shore centres, ECDIS manufacturers and service providers. Hands-on work to integrate components into the STM infrastructure will be the focus of this meeting.

Safety Index Model

STM – Measuring Maritime Safety

YOU can improve future maritime safety by adding your expertise to the Maritime Safety Index survey.

A group within STM has developed a real-time Maritime Safety Index. Based on expert maritime appraisal, ship traffic is assessed in terms of safe navigation. In the online survey you will appraise traffic situations that may occur at sea.

Information sharing in real time

Fewer phone calls during port calls


PortCDM supplies all actors in a port call with information at their fingertips. They no longer have to “hunt down“ the information. During the tests in Gothenburg, the number of phone calls was reduced, resulting in a more efficient process and reduced administrative burden.

Accurate information in real time helps everyone involved: from ship agents to towage companies; from crew to linesmen, leading ultimately to more just-in-time arrivals.

STM connects and updates the maritime world in real time with efficient information exchange. In the 60s the standardised container revolutionised shipping. The next revolution is the containerisation of information – creating a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly maritime sector.

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Contact details: Ulf Siwe, STM Validation Communications Officer, Research and Innovation
Phone: +46 10 478 56 29, Mobile: +46 70 255 14 82, E-mail: