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This course was conceived as a response to a demand from the professionals of the luxury yacht sector, skippers and owners, faced with the difficulty of finding crew members with sufficient training for the work that they would have to carry out on board.
The Department of Nautical Science and Engineering at The Nautical School of Barcelona, working hand-in-hand with professionals int he field as consultants, decided to set this specialization course in motion with its main objective being to teach the students the essential skills that they are going to need on board.

Between 2006 and 2007 alone 487 new yachts over 24m in length were launched-yachts that needed approximately 4500 new crew members. In 2008 the number of luxury yachts under construction had grown to 777. This course lays the foundations for being able to adequately carry out that first job on board a luxury yacht, as well as providing the basic training legally required to work on any boat.

Special emphasis has been placed on a training oriented to the special shipboard atmosphere of a luxury yacht where one must always be conscious of working in a delicate environment, with objects of great value ang with VIP personalities and guests on board.
Emotional intelligence and appropriate attitudes form living together in small spaces during long periods of time, in this way establishing good habits that are highly valued and sought after by skippers and owners.


Jordi Mateu


- Hospitality, guest care and services
  • Guest Care
  • Silver service
  • Cabin service, interiors
  • Deck service, recreational areas
- Boat Handling and deck skills on large yachts
  • Boat handling
  • Machinery and systems
  • Radio communications
  • Nautical Terminology and technology
  • Mast, spars and rigging
  • General maintenance an deck care
  • Safety equipment on board
- Emotional competence and social skills
  • Living and working on board a yacht
  • guest care and personalized attention on board
  • Keys to a good start in this profession: Finding a yacht, leaving your personal mark, resumé (CV), yacht crew agencies, labor laws, rights and duties ot the crew member

General Information

COURSE DATES: Te be determinated
DURATION: 80 hours (65 theoretical and 15 practical)
(week 1: Monday-Sunday, week 2: Monday-Friday)
LOCATION: CETT classrooms, classrooms at the Nautical School
of Barcelona and Marina Port Vell

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